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Ceiling Light Toronto

Finding the best ceiling light Toronto has available depends largely on what exactly you’re looking for. With so many options found in one of the city’s biggest showrooms, you’ll have no problem narrowing down your options. From traditional ceiling lights to chandeliers and even hanging wall sconces, the best in the industry has you covered. Discover the most beautiful designs from the most sought after vendors in the industry in a stunning five-thousand square foot viewing area. It’s just about the best way to view so many options as quickly as possible.

Traditional Dome Lights

This type of ceiling light is perfect for any home. They’re small enough to be used in any room and are a cost effective way to get beautiful lighting. Dome lights are among the most common and popular types of ceiling light. They’re available in several sizes and configurations, each an ideal solution for different scenarios. A single bulb dome light, for example, is a great option for hallways, closets, bathrooms and small bedrooms. Multi-bulb options are better suited for larger areas such as dining rooms and living rooms. The top manufacturers in the industry make their products from the highest quality materials, which helps to ensure a long lasting and beautiful final product that is sure to look incredible in any room for years to come.


Hanging pendant lights can be used as a room’s central lighting in bedrooms, kitchens, living rooms and dining rooms, but they’re also an excellent way to accent areas in need of a little boost. They’re ideal for illuminating a specific area like over a kitchen island, for example. Use hanging lights to highlight pieces of art or collections to bring out the piece’s beauty or over a kitchen island to create a well-lit area for prep work and for entertaining. Bigger hanging lights like chandeliers from forward thinking companies like Nuevo are as much conversational pieces as they are functional works of art in their own right.

Track Lighting

This type of light typically uses argon, halogen or LED lights, which keeps them from protruding too far into the room. They’re a fantastic choice for bedrooms, closets, kitchen prep areas, wall units and even make a great addition to finished basements. Many customers also find that track lights are an excellent alternative to hanging lights when looking to showcase art and collections. Most models allow the owner to position the light in any position they choose along the track. This makes it easy to control which areas receive the most light.
Shopping for ceiling lights in Toronto can be a nightmare. There’s certainly no shortage of small shops, but most specialize in one type of lighting or only carry models from a handful of vendors. When you’re in the market for beautiful ceiling light options, selection is vital. The shop you browse in should carry fixtures from the most sought after fabricators like Ralph Lauren, John Richard, Nuevo and Art Craft Lighting to name just a few. From there, the helpful staff should be able to guide you to the best possible solution to your ceiling lighting needs.

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